Let’s Celebrate!

Today I celebrated my first Mother’s Day in Romania.  I am thankful for my family who took me out for a special lunch.  I am also thankful for my mother who daily sacrificed for me and my siblings and modeled the importance of God by faithfully taking us to church every Sunday.  Remembering to thank our mothers for all they have done should not be limited to one day a year.   Just as the Lord wants us daily to thank Him for who He is and all He has done, we should be thankful for our mother’s each day.  A mother’s job never ends.  Even when children become adults, mothers continue to be a listening ear and counselor, not to mention babysitters for grandchildren.  How do mothers continue to find the energy to keep going?  Galatians 6:9 tells us, “And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”   Our mothers looked forward to the future and celebrating our accomplishments.  Many of our successes in this life were made possible because of our mothers’ tireless support, love and encouragement throughout the years.   This Mother’s Day, let us celebrate the mothers the Lord has given us.  Let us remember throughout the year to thank our mothers for all their hard work, their endless love and support, and for never giving up.

The month of May also signals the end of the school year and the beginning of graduation celebrations.  The Training Center in Arad, Romania will also be celebrating the graduation of seven men who will complete their training.   These men come from very diverse backgrounds, but each has a passion to use their gifts to help build the church.  Alexander Tarasov, from the Ukraine, became a Christian at the age of 16 through the Jesus film.  He began discipling students through small groups, a ministry which has continued to multiply.  For the past 15 years he has been serving as a pastor at a large church in Kyiv, the capitol of Ukraine.  He plans to plant a Harvest church in Kyiv.  Beniamin Podut and his wife Monica moved to Germany from Romania and have planted three Romanian speaking churches there.  In order to care for these churches, Beniamin travels more than 1500 kilometers each week.  He is praying for God to supply additional pastors to help with this exhausting task.  Kostas Lazaridis, from Greece, was a teenage atheist who became a Christian as a young adult.  He is an electrical engineer by trade, but became pastor of a reformed church in Greece.   Nebojsa Dolic became a Christian while he was in the military.  He is currently a pastor in Belgrade, Serbia, and wants to transition his church to a Harvest where the focus is vertical and everyone is encouraged to serve.

Marin Sestak was the bass player in a famous Croatian pop rock band.  He became a Christian and left the band to pursue the Lord’s call on his life.  He is an evangelist who has been reaching out to the youth in Croatia and would like to plant a Harvest church there.  Razvan Mihalcea is passionate about ministry, has been a pastor of different churches in Romania for 15 years, and would like to plant a Harvest church.  Gilbert is from Cameroon, planning to become the pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Douala, Cameroon.  Join us in celebrating and praying for these men as they graduate and continue the work the Lord has called them to do.

“Blessed is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways! You shall eat the fruit of the labor of his hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.” Psalm 128:1-2

Happy Mother’s Day and Congratulations to all those graduating!

Terry Kijowski

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