Summertime Travel

It has been almost four months since my mom and I arrived in Romania, and almost five for my dad. We have been learning how to communicate with people with the little Romanian we know, how to cook with different ingredients and cooking appliances, and basically, how to act like Romanians. Here are some of the more recent highlights since we moved:

My dad ran his first half marathon in Europe!

In Romania, many sidewalks extend to the curb and are used as parking spaces for cars. When we went to the mall in Timisoara and couldn’t find a parking spot, my dad parked halfway onto the sidewalk… like a good Romanian!

Even if the sidewalk doesn’t extend to the curb, there is still a possibly that someone will park a car on it… This is the view of our sidewalk from our apartment window.

My siblings, Lydia, Mike, and Matthew, arrived in Romania two weeks ago! Our plan was to spend the day in Budapest after they flew in at 10 am. After a long and tiring turn of events, they arrived almost 12 hours late. We spent a few hours exploring Budapest (and waiting at KFC, checking the web for the status of their plane) before they arrived. Thank God all of our luggage was found and delivered!

We visited Brasov, Romania, this past weekend. Our family was joined by two Romanians: Dani, Lydia’s boyfriend, and Michael, Mike and Matthew’s friend from North Park University.

We stayed in two apartments down a small corridor… the parking lot was also very small!

During our visit to Brasov, we drove an hour away to Peles Castle.

We also visited Bran Castle and the city of Sighisoara.

We discovered that in Sighisoara, there is a point at which no trumpets are allowed… and you’re encouraged to throw them out in the the garbage conveniently placed by the sign!

Just kidding! But you really can misunderstand street signs; this is actually telling people to not honk their car horns. On Sunday, we attended the Harvest church in Brasov, and afterwards Matthew gave their piano player Beni a short lesson in playing gospel.

Even after living in Romania the past few months, we are still settling in. We just bought a pan to make pancakes on!

Something that might surprise you: water fountains in the park by our apartment don’t have buttons to turn them on – they just stay on!

This week, I attended my last flute and language lessons before I return to Chicago in August. Mike and Matthew will leave for Chicago this Sunday, and Lydia and I follow two weeks later. During those two weeks, my parents, Lydia, and I will go to the Harvest youth camp, and then my parents and I will go to the Harvest children’s camp. Once I return to Chicago, I will not have quite two weeks to settle in before moving into the dorms of Olivet Nazarene University. Yup, I’m starting college. Please keep my family and me in your prayers as we travel and experience more transitions.


9 thoughts on “Summertime Travel

  1. Elizabeth is the best at documenting the adventures in Romania. Thanks for including pictures!
    Good luck at school.


  2. Sounds like you are enjoying being in Romania. Thankful your whole family was able to get together. God bless you all and safety as you travel. Bev Coote


  3. Thanks for the great update Elizabeth! Enjoy your remaining time in Romania and good luck at Olivet Nazarene. Hello to everyone! Love you all!


  4. I’m really happy to hear about all your family experiences!! I will keep praying for all of yours! Congratulations, nice pictures and good story! !♡


  5. Thanks for the great update Elizabeth. Glad you were able to spend some time together as a family. Wishing you a safe trip back home and good luck at Olivet University! Love to you all, Jane


  6. Love all the photo’s, great job Elizabeth. Also like the horn story, down here in the south instead of saying I honked at you ,they say I blew at you……Congratulations at starting Olivet. We are sure you will Love it. Brenda and Tim


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