God’s Faithfulness

The past three months have flown by.  I missed posting some great photos. Here they are!

Enjoying a free day after Harvest U Europe with Harvest Palos friends Mike Ryan and Brad Whitla, on the rooftop of the local Christian radio station Joy FM.

Back in the training center with the 2017 Spring class, #7from7inthespring!  What a great group!  I love serving alongside them as well as with the HBF Europe Director, Ionica Martonfi.

On the weeks that the #7from7inthespring were not in session we hosted an open house event called Open Doors.  On this weekend over 80 Hungarian pastors and church leaders came to experience and find out what it means to be a Vertical Church.  Through these events, God has blessed us with many great men who have a desire for church planting.

Rob and Becky Willey came to teach in the training center.  We are thankful to Harvest Davenport who graciously lent them to us for the week.  I also had the chance to travel with them to Targu Mures.

Pastors Rob Willey and Doru Hriscu (Harvest Targu Mures) are two peas in a pod – see how they mirror one another!  The weekend that we visited Harvest Targu Mures was their second week in a new location.  It is a beautiful space converted from an old warehouse.  Here are a few pictures of their new worship space and their worship leader, Marius and his family.

When I visited Romania two years ago, Marius and his wife hosted Pastor Ryan (Harvest Palos) and myself in their home for a launch team training meeting.  They had just found out they were pregnant.  Their daughter was born on Launch Sunday!  It was great to connect with them again.

The day finally came when Terry and Elizabeth were able to join me here in Romania.  Lydia was able to come for a short visit too.  I am thankful for the blessing of my wife and children!

Yes, this is a selfie of me and Training Center Pastor Gilbert Ade.  He is now the Pastor of Harvest Douala in Cameroon.  About two months ago he and I went to the mall so that he could wire some money home to his wife.  On our way back to the training center my car started making this horrible noise.  I parked it and we got out.  The nearby Gypsy teenagers, like bees on honey swarmed around Pastor Gilbert and started making derogatory remarks and touching him.  Then one started to pull his hair!  We quickly made our way across the street where I was able to get a taxi for Gilbert.  Afterward I called for help about the dead car.  The mechanic who sold me the car picked me up right away.  The people of Harvest Arad have been very gracious to lend me their vehicles.  During this time I’ve driven 6 different cars and am currently driving the silver Peugeot pictured above.  I’m not sure I should be driving a car that I don’t know how to pronounce.  The head gasket and the engine blew on the blue VW van.  The engine on the VW has been rebuilt but I’m not convinced of its reliability.  Please pray for wisdom and God’s provision for a reliable car.

Many thanks to Harvest Fort Wayne and Harvest West Olive for giving us Pastors Jamie Hart and Ken Gentzler, along with Grant Hart for the week.  I really enjoyed their teaching but the most memorable moment was our journey from Budapest to Arad; we were driving a borrowed car through the worst hail storm any of us had ever encountered!


The joyous but sad day came; the #7from7inthespring graduated from the training center.  What a great group of pastors!  They are going to be sorely missed, but I am so excited about the churches God is planting and building through them.  Jesus said, “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” in Matthew 16:18b.  Harvest Palos friends, take special note of Pastor Alex who is standing with me in the blue striped shirt.  I am so excited that he is going to meet all of you when he brings his family to Palos for his internship.

Three weeks ago we had an Open Doors event with pastors and leaders from Italy, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and the Ukraine!  Three of the church planters from the #7from7 training center class were able to bring members of their teams.  The following week I had the opportunity to visit the Harvest in Brasov, Romania.  I met with Pastor Cristi Cherechean and the leaders of his church for ministry evaluations.  It was great to visit with old friends and to make some new ones.

God is good!  In these past few months he has taken me and my family on a wonderful adventure.  It has not been without hardships or tears, but it has been one filled with the joy of the Lord and with a first hand experience of his faithfulness.



My family is here!  The feature photo is the arrival of my three oldest after a 12 hour delay and the loss of all four pieces of luggage.  Please pray that “the lost would be found”.  But God has given us the greatest gifts ever, himself and one another!

Elgin Training Center


We officially moved into Elgin! Last night – more acurately, early this morning – we moved the last of our belongings into our little apartment. We will spend the next four months here as my dad (Mike) attends the Harvest Training Center.

We have been very busy fixing and painting our house so we can sell it. As amateur painters, this is hard work! Our neighbor Raul Valdovinos helped us paint and work on the yard for over a week.  He was an answer to prayer and a relief to those of us who were tired from painting.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in prayer and financially! On Thursday, when my dad checked how much support was raised, we were quite short of the $5,000 we needed by today. But by a miracle of God, we not only have enough to cover the $5,000 but are close to having the $10,000 needed to cover our fundraising goal for the training center! Now we can concentrate on fundraising for our relocation and monthly support to fulfill the mission of strengthening and planting churches in Romania.

-Elizabeth Kijowski

P.S. My three older siblings, Lydia, Mike and Matthew, did not move to Elgin with us. Because they have jobs and college to go to, they will stay in Chicago, even when we move to Romania (but hopefully they will come and visit in Romania).